Dream bookcase wall covering

by Sasha on September 15, 2010

How amazing…floor to ceiling bookcase wall covering…heaven I say!

(Via Apartment Therapy)


Sun is shining

by Sasha on March 31, 2010

A new product line I’m liking and would like to try out more is Coola.  I happened to pick up a lip balm recently and really love it.  The feel and scent of this product is sublime.  And the best part? The balm has SPF 15; is free of parabens and phthlates, and is a “Certified Organic” product line.

Check ‘em out…Coola Suncare


Simple Fashion Trend for Weak Economic Times

by Sasha on February 25, 2009


Still want to be hip and trendy during the economic downturn?

Browsing hipster model/celeb party photos on the blog The Pipeline by Refinery 29, I noticed a recurring theme in the snapshots. Pair a slouchy, old looking t-shirt with a black blazer or jacket. Add a few accessories unique to you, simple straight hair, sort of messy, and voila! … you too can fit in at a hipster art event the likes of which top models and celebs like Paris and Nicky attend. Totally your goal right! However, I must say it’s an easy look to achieve when we don’t have the extra cash to splurge on new wardrobe items. You probably already have similar items in your closet. So put your pieces together in a new way and you can look “of the moment,” fashionably speaking, and not break your budget.


Hide your office space

by Sasha on February 23, 2009


My previous post showcased a beautiful loft space that housed a pod-like office inside the open-space apartment.  Here’s another example of creating an office in a loft apartment.  I’m not into the bed on top but I like that this one was created with a translucent material.  I’d like to combine the design of both into one.  That would work for me!


Architectural Office Space

by Sasha on February 18, 2009

If I lived in a beautiful, spacious loft I would definitely consider creating a unique architectural space.  I would design something a little different but I like the overall idea.  Not only does it get away from the typical desk up against a wall setup, but it hides cable clutter and keeps books and reference materials nearby.  I would prefer something constructed out of a more translucent material that glowed softly with the right lighting but still hid everything from site from the rest living space.

(* note:  I lost my link to where I found these photos.  It was from an architect’s site.  If anyone recognizes this interior please send the info my way so I can credit.  thanks.)