How to display all those scanned slides and photos

by Sasha on August 28, 2008

My posts about how to scan 35mm slides Part 1 and Part 2 have been some of my most popular to date. Now I’d like to share one idea about what to do with all those fabulous slides and digital photos you’ve archived and backed up a few times, right?!

I’ve been saving above image because I think it’s such a cool way to showcase a bunch of photos all at once. The photo features a room suite on the website for West Hollywood, CA boutique hotel Palihouse and to the left behind the couch is a massive, beautifully executed photo collage.  I love that it’s one huge piece of artwork comprised of smaller photos. You just have to hang up one large piece rather then measuring and painstakingly trying to arrange separate frames on a wall. I do like the look of clusters of photos and art but that’s for another post. I have lots of inspiration to share for wall arrangements.

For this kind of piece you’ll definitely have to visit a professional frame store but I think it would be so worth it. Next time I have a little extra cash in my pocket to spend I’m going to take this idea to the frame store.

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