Architectural Office Space

by Sasha on February 18, 2009

If I lived in a beautiful, spacious loft I would definitely consider creating a unique architectural space.  I would design something a little different but I like the overall idea.  Not only does it get away from the typical desk up against a wall setup, but it hides cable clutter and keeps books and reference materials nearby.  I would prefer something constructed out of a more translucent material that glowed softly with the right lighting but still hid everything from site from the rest living space.

(* note:  I lost my link to where I found these photos.  It was from an architect’s site.  If anyone recognizes this interior please send the info my way so I can credit.  thanks.)

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Milena Thomas February 19, 2009 at 8:47 am

Mmm, I love that! I love how a little nook is created in an otherwise wide open space!

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